Virtual Birth & Beyond Education Course

Dive into the beauty of birth!

  • Enroll and Receive a SUPER COOL stork kit delivered to your home, including your student workbook & tons of surprises
  • Discover how to Stay Healthy = Low Risk!
  • Learn about the beauty and truth about labor and birth!
  • Have fun with your partner by taking part in engaging activities that will help you connect!
  • Create your plan and know what to expect with your baby and postpartum
  • Connect with a Certified Birth Coach to assist you throughout your series

VBAC Workshop

Prepare yourself for a VBAC

  • Benefits of VBACs
  • How to get your records
  • Heal from previous birth(s)
  • Know the Facts
  • What makes you a good candidate?
  • CBAC
  • Planning your VBAC
  • Finding your Birth Team
  • Stay Low Risk
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Breastfeeding Workshop

Planning on breastfeeding? Learn the ins and outs of having a successful nursing relationship with your baby.

  • Learn the benefits of breastfeeding
  • Behind the Scenes Pregnancy & Postpartum
  • Finding a Pediatrician that supports Breastfeeding
  • Medication During Breastfeeding
  • Creating a Postpartum Sanctuary
  • All about the latch including positions, hunger cues, and more
  • Self care while nursing
  • Pumping, hand expressing
  • Common Obstacles


Home Birth Workshop

Planning a Home Birth? Take this workshop to prepare you and your family!

  • Learn the benefits of birthing at home
  • Finding your Birth Team
  • Making your birth, transfer, and postpartum plans
  • Preparing Your Home
  • Children at Home Birth
  • Variations of Home Births like home birth transfers and unassisted births