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Lipari Chiropractic & Family Wellness

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This is a local business that is tried and true. We have verified through positive client reviews that this business is supplies excellent services to our communities.

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Business Information:
P: 631-698-6666
E: alignyourspine@hotmail.com
A: 1150 Portion Road Space 17 Holtsville, NY
FB: Lipari Chiropractic & Family Wellness

We caught up with Dr. Lisa Lipari Zgutowicz and asked her some questions about what makes her so successful.

What inspired you to start this business?
Wanting to help people heal their bodies physically in as natural away as possible.

How long have you been in this business?
19 years

What keeps you going every day?
Knowing that what I do makes a difference in peoples lives.

List the services you provide
Chiropractic treatment, massage therapy also available

Out of all of the services you provide, what would you say is your specialty?
Chiropractic (with postgraduate specialties in pediatrics and pregnancy)

What is one thing you would like us to know about your business?

We maintain a professional but informal atmosphere in our office. We like for everyone to feel comfortable in our setting, and we are extremely family-friendly. We value everyone's time and try to schedule our book accordingly so that we run 'on time' or as close to it as possible . We definitely do not overbook to achieve more volume. We are open to questions so if someone is uncertain about starting care, they are more than welcome to inquire first so that they feel more comfortable, whether directly via face-to-face encounter or phone call, or indirectly if they prefer a soft approach like email.

Thank you Dr. Lisa Lipari Zgutowicz for sharing with us and giving us insight to your business!