What is BBR Ed?

What is Birth & Beyond Education?
Jenn Barry created Birth & Beyond Childbirth Education with the intent of helping birthers and their partners not only find the beauty of birth but also help them navigate pregnancy and postpartum.

Our Certified Coaches are dedicated to help you and your partner become advocates for the birth you envision.

This course is detailed, inclusive, and naturally minded. Each course comes with a beautiful 150 page student workbook and a dedicated, trained and certified birth coach.

Planning a hospital birth? You will find our information surrounding how to set up your environment priceless.

Planning a home birth? We have dedicated an entire chapter to how to make your experience the best.

Wanting a VBAC? We have a dedicated chapter to all things VBAC!

Meet Our Certified Coaches

Meet our Certified Coaches and ask us your questions in real time!

This course is typically 8 weeks long, 2 hours a week. It is designed for the couple to attend together, however, we understand some schedules are constricting. Shorter class series can be arranged in a private setting.

Class Curriculum:

  • Pregnancy Wellness
  • Labor
  • Variations
  • Partner Support
  • Birth Environment
  • Coping Techniques
  • Labor Rehearsal
  • Postpartum
  • Baby
  • Home Births
  • VBAC


Pregnancy Wellness


Partner Support

Variations of Labor

Birth Environment & Coping Techniques

Birth Environment

Postpartum including PMAD & Planning


Labor Rehearsal & Positioning

Home Birth

Ready to find out more?

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